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Welcome to the Site 

of Judith Piazza

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Kirtan & Patio Songs
August 2021

Click Here and Pass Link Along

Happy Earth Week 2021

Click here to listen to Earth Rhythms & Songs.

Morning Song!  Sing with me!


Tune in to sing, hum, or just listen, to center yourself, move through the mind to the heart through song and mantra, calm anxieties and fears.  Let me know if this helps!


Contact me for the following:

Bring Council to your group or organization, a circle practice resting on indigenous wisdom ways to nurture authentic, heartfelt listening and expression, building respect and trust among all.





Drum, Rhythm, Chant Gatherings and Workshops
Frame Drum, Djembe, Kirtan, SINGING! is for Everyone


Healing Sound Workshops and Circles

Weddings, Ceremonies, Rites of Passage
I am a Universal Life Church Minister, delighted to bring a lifetime of
experience to contemporary times.




To contact me, email

or call me at 720.982.8291.

PO Box 812, Green Mountain Falls, CO 80819

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