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What Others Have to Say About Judith Piazza...

"Judy Piazza has my respect as an accomplished performer and innovative contributor to the new vistas opening up in the world of frame drumming. Her command of the various traditions which she draws from, and her quest for ever-deepening skills, combined with her innate musical sensitivity, allows her to create an especially vibrant sound-vision of frame drumming and voice."

                      - Glen Velez, Internationally Acclaimed, Grammy-Winning Percussionist and Composer



"Judy is an amazing musician. I loved her easy, soft-spoken style and the vast resource of knowledge she shared from. Her historical and cultural awareness gave me so many new insights and a broader perspective for understanding and appreciating these instruments. I had never seen anything like her performance..."                                                                        - Workshop Participant, Colorado

"Of all the awesome performances I saw, your[s] really stands out in my mind…such a deep, intimate, sensual, passionate love song to the Beloved. It touched me deeply."

                                                                 - Andrea Raddocia, Director Blue Dragon Belly Dance


"Thank you so much for coming and adding your magic to our community event. You were so "right" for our folks. The standing ovation you got at the end of your set was a heart felt expression of gratitude for your gifts of music and spirit that night."

                                                    - John Millen, Baltimore International Rhythm Festival Coordinator


"I highly recommend Judy as a presenter of rhythm, resonance, magic and medicine. She is very knowledgeable and skilled in the art of drumming and the healing arts of sound of various traditions. ... I know her work is studied, taught and practiced both professionally and in community with great response. As performer, Judy draws her audience into the realm of their own possibilities of beauty, power and well being."

                            - Ubaka Hill, Internationally Recognized Performance Artist/Percussionist/Visionary


"The healing circle was absolutely amazing. After the healing circle on my way home I felt fabulous. What a lot of power there was in that room!"                                           - Workshop participant


“I have been to over fifty workshops and yours ranks up there with Baba and Gordy's as one of the best that I have been to.”                                                     - Dennis Maberry, Percussionist and Author


“… you were the best presenter ever seen here at the museum.”

                                                        - MaryEllen Schoonover, Aurora Historical Museum, Colorado

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