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Welcome to the site of Judy Piazza, an extraordinarily talented woman inspired, studied, and caught up in sound traditions near and far. Judy has been exploring music and sound for over thirty years as educator, researcher, music therapist, performer, workshop presenter and recording artist. Her first love was guitar, both classical and folk singer/songwriter styles. For almost fifteen years, it has been rhythm and voice that guides her fascination and fires her passion creatively and musically. Judy plays drums from around the world (including tar, riqq, bodhran, kanjira, daf, tambourine, djembe, doumbek...), alternative dulcimer, didgeridoo, native flute, and guitar, lacing vocal and songstyles in unique sonorous soundscapes and rhythmsongs ... Resonance & Rhythms that excite the spirit, calm the mind, expand the heart, and feed the body.


During the 2015 prestigious Margaret Guthman International Instrument Design Competition, Judy and the dulsitar TM placed among the top nine finalists! The dulsitar is a unique one-of-a-kind instrument designed through vision primarily for devotional music, and constructed in collaboration with Andy Bennett of Manitou Springs, CO. Here's a couple video links:

Cooperman Signature Series Riqq!

If you've loved the sound of my riqq, you can now own one with the exact specifications as mine. I am delighted to be able to offer this drum, and to be working with the Cooperman folks!

To order, please contact Judy at judypiazza@gmail.com

Crescent Moon
A delight for the spirit, a balm for the heart,
refreshement for the body,
an elixer for the mind.

"I highly recommend Judy as a presenter of rhythm, resonance, magic and medicine. She is very knowledgeable and skilled in the art of drumming and the healing arts of sound of various traditions. As performer, Judy draws her audience into the realm of their own possibilities of beauty, power and well being."

- Ubaka Hill, Internationally Recognized Performance Artist/Percussionist

"Judy Piazza has my respect as an accomplished performer and innovative contributor to the new vistas opening up in the world of frame drumming. Her command of the various traditions which she draws from, and her quest for ever-deepening skills, combined with her innate musical sensitivity, allows her to create an especially vibrant sound-vision of frame drumming and voice".

- Glen Velez

"Judy Piazza is the very embodiment of the concept of world music. Her artistry is rooted in the rhythms and melodies of peoples and cultures from around the world - from ethereal Native American chants and flute to the delicate gossamer strains of her dulcimer and guitar work to the haunting echoes of the aboriginal didgeridoo to the powerful beat of the many drums and percussion instruments of which she is master. Judy's vocals and stories weave these disparate musical elements into a seamless and unforgettable performance."

- The Dulcimer Shop folks, Manitou Springs, CO


Click on CD to purchase!

1. Temple Contemplations 7:28
2. Crescent Moon 4:20
3. Daf Solo 3:45
4. One Breath 5:12
5. My Beloved 5:09
6. Zafiran Trance* 6:29
7. Oxun 3:36
8. Noite De Temporal 7:57
9. Tribute To My Sons 3:05
10. Gamamla 3:09
11. Didgeridoo Over Crescent Moon (Reprise) 2:55

Go to: myspace.com/judypiazza
to hear full length music!